Letter to the Editor

What happened?

Monday, April 23, 2018

I surrender! Did I flip the calendar at the end of March? Think about this in a couple of days we'll be celebrating the second month of spring!

A year ago today I was in the asparagus patch harvesting our first meal of the delicious "slice of heaven" green/purple spears soon to be popped into a pan of water, brought to a boil, drained, seasoned with some salt and pepper and a large glob of real butter! Viola! Only to be equaled, if not surpassed, three days later with our second culinary treat bacon-wrapped asparagus spears!

What happened? December 2017 saw temperatures in the 60s. Unbelievable! Maybe those self-proclaimed "global warming" experts who have been screeching that man is destroying our planet by clearing our "rain forests" and burning fossil fuels are right? But, (unfortunately there is always a but) April happened!

Before you detractors (those in love with man-made climate change) go apoplectic, I do know the term is now "climate change" because all you politically correct idiots were completely wrong about GW! The basic theory was an increase in atmospheric gases (CO2 etc.) would act like a blanket and less earth heat would escape which would be akin to a greenhouse which retains heat! And, yes, greenhouse gases have been rising every year, but from the late 1990s to about 2013, average temperatures remained the same!

Why hell, Mabel, lets change the name! That'll convince the average stupid person, and, lets face it, we need stupid!

The beauty of April snow is APEX/Alliant cannot continue the devastation of northwest Clay and southwest Dickinson counties as million pound cranes, semitrucks and equipment criss-cross and cut ruts through our precious topsoil under the pretext of "clean, green renewal energy!"

I'm a conservationist! How could any farmer, whose ultimate purpose is to leave the land more productive for future generations, allow this on their land? Why would anyone want windmills forever changing the environment and destroying neighborhoods as their legacy? Two reasons: 1) "It's my land and, by-God I can do what I want with my personal property!" 2) Greed! Unfortunately, for the rest of us, our supervisors agree with them!

Let 'er snow! Despite my vision of a snow-covered garden site and the pathetic tomato and pepper seedlings struggling in my greenhouse, there's always a silver lining! In a month, I'll be buried in asparagus!

Jerry Crew, Webb