Letter to the Editor

A president beyond measure

Sunday, March 11, 2018

As a young real estate mogul, he added to an empire stared by his father. His success, however, was marred by his practice of not paying his employees and subcontractors. U.S. banks refused to lend him money due to his history of not repaying loans leading to his practice of using foreign services as a revenue source. Several bankruptcies added to his financial reputation. A recorded interview with Billy Bush revealed his pride in using his notoriety to be able to grope and sexually assault women. More than a dozen have now come forward alleging sexual assault by him. And now there is the porn star Stormy Daniels affair, a $130,000 payoff and a lawsuit against the president.

Since being elected president, the CIA, FBI and all of our U.S. intelligence agencies have confirmed that Russian interference in our election helped him defeat Hillary Clinton. Special Counsel Robert Mueller is now investigating the president for possible collusion, obstruction of justice, and questionable financial practices. His immigration policies have been ruled racist and unconstitutional. He pushed a tax bill through congress that will add $1.4 trillion to the deficit — the main beneficiaries being the wealthy and large corporations. Warren Buffet’s tax savings alone will be $29 billion. (This figure reported by Warren Buffet) The Rob Porter reports of domestic abuse of two former wives revealed that he had been denied top security clearance that disqualified him for the position he held and also revealed that 30 other administration officials, including Jared Kushner, did not have adequate security required for their positions.

Trump’s said recently “Trade wars are good and easy to win.” Common consensus says trade wars are bad and nobody wins. Hopefully he will be convinced by more knowledgeable members of his administration to drop the tariff plan on steel and aluminum which would ultimately be paid by the American consumer as costs for products using these materials increase.

In past years, U.S. presidents have been known as “leaders of the free world.” Trump’s stated admiration of dictators Putin of Russia, Duterte of the Philippines and Erdogan of Turkey and his latest approval of XI Jimping’s move to be premier of China for life indicate anything but a leader of the free world. Freedom of choice and human rights do not exist in these countries. In many views, Merkel of Germany now holds the leadership role.

Robert Sneitzer, Spirit Lake