Letter to the Editor

H. Schar letter

Sunday, March 4, 2018

I feel somewhat honored that H. Schar had some positive comments about me in his recent letter to the editor. Unfortunately, about 44 words into it, he ventured far afield when commenting on one of my suggestions for dealing with an active shooter in a school.

In no way did I intend to say or even imply that America should arm school personnel "to the point where, at even the slightest whiff of badness, they will be able to light the place up." (C'mon, H, you should know me better than that!) I made it clear that I believed allowing school personnel (who are already law-abiding gun owners) to be at their work place armed was not a bad idea. They would not be paid extra or otherwise incentivized. Given the fact that there are 5 million-plus teachers in America, I'm confident they'd be willing to volunteer their services, if legally allowed to do so. If even just 10 percent of teachers came forward, that would be 500,000 defenders on the scene, prepared to respond if needed. They'd be in a position to do more than throw books or notepads to distract the shooter!

Thus some of the attitude (culture) change H advocates could actually become part of the arsenal of solutions we have at our disposal. I'd like to see the film industry (Hollywood) step up and decide we really don't need their constant bombardment of mega death flicks. Then there's the gaming craze that seems to fascinate so many. Yeccch!

Bill Kersting, Spencer