Letter to the Editor

Course of action

Monday, February 19, 2018

Another mass murder spree, more calls for stricter gun control. What's new? Not much, I'm afraid. While Congress either spins its wheels, or refuses to address an issue that keeps concerning more and more of us all, I believe there is a course of action we could take here in Iowa that at least offers some hope.

I'm talking about a three-pronged plan: 1) Have an armed guard in each school. This could be a city police officer, a deputy sheriff or a retired military member (properly vetted). 2) Insure that each school setting has a qualified social worker in the building one or more days per week (a possibility as a result of "operational sharing" being considered in the Iowa Legislature this week). 3) Develop a system whereby each school taps the already existing pool of licensed gun owners who are already employed by the school and show up for work each day. They would be known only to the superintendent of the district. They wouldn't necessarily be displaying a weapon but they would have it accessible in a location known only to them. And, this is the critical piece, just as with our government's plans for carrying out war strategies, DO NOT publicize this. Just do it. We lose too many defenders by putting a target on their backs.

You must realize we are in a war with those who, for one reason or another, have a penchant to act irrationally. Being nice, engaging, trying to make all of life's hurts go away is ineffective. It is way past time to "fight fire with fire. By this I mean we should use the weapons or tactics of our enemy or opponent, even if we find them distasteful. It would be nice, for a change, to have the upper hand in the battle we seem to be in, these days.

Bill Kersting, Spencer