Letter to the Editor

Thanks Mr. Brown

Monday, February 12, 2018

Early in this year of 2018 (Jan. 5) the life of Mr. David Brown came to an end on this rock flying through space. His life was filled with helping people and students grow with wisdom and knowledge of life.

It was my privilege to have taught and coached with Dave Brown from 1974-1980. He was an outstanding teacher in the classroom. He helped students learn by using many different methods in teaching. The students were always participating with the learning in the classroom. He helped me become a better teacher as he encouraged me to have students more a part of the learning in the classroom.

You could see Mr. Brown talking with students in the halls before and after school. He was the sponsor to Fellowship of Christian Athletes at Spencer. The FCA had many students attending and growing in knowledge of life. As the sponsor, he helped the student/athlete with the real-life situations. He challenged student/athletes with questions that helped them in school and later in life.

Mr. Brown was the boys track coach and assistant football coach in that time. His track teams were always outstanding in their performance. In football, Coach Brown worked with the line. He encouraged weight lifting in track and football. He was in the weight room himself and provided leadership to athletes.

It would be impossible to list how many students were helped from teacher/coach Brown. He sought always to have the student/athlete to have high character and high values. He lived his own life in that way. I thank, Mr. Brown, for his role model as a teacher/coach that had impacted my own life. I join many others in expressing comfort and giving thanks for the life of Mr. Brown as teacher/coach and father. May his family memories be enriched knowing that Mr. Brown made a difference everyday with his life at Spencer High School. Thanks Mr. Brown.

Tom C. Murr, Osceola