Letter to the Editor

Attacking our #CommUNITY

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Your full-page editorial "Attacking our #CommUNITY" pin-pointed one of the two major failures of the disastrous eight-year reign of Barrack Hussein Obama. First of all, he "sissified" our military by allowing homosexuals and transgenders to openly serve, allowed "women in foxholes," lowered physical standards so females could qualify for special ops and decimated the general officer core. Obama was the first president to pick his general officers not on merit or military expertise but selecting "bobble head dolls" masquerading as generals who did nothing but nod assent at his disastrous decisions!

His second major failure was the damage done to race relations! Everything is viewed as white versus black, brown and any other skin color because, I guess, we're (whites) the only ones capable of hate! During his "reign," every single racial incident evoked the exact same response! And, although he was completely wrong many times, he never apologized; despite the fact he had spent eight years apologizing to the rest of the world for the "evil" USA!

The perfect example of this was the so-called hate crimes of Spencer Tiger basketball supporters some had the audacity to wear red, white and blue and some in the student section jangled keys at an opposing player who had been arrested for stealing a car. These innocuous and innocent acts erupted into a media firestorm! Why? An editorial from a local newspaper called them "hate crimes!"

"These kids get this hate from someplace and we hope it's not the water. It's their parents, their teachers and their friends. ..." This quote from Art Cullen of the Storm Lake Times personifies what passes for journalism in the Obama world. No need to research anything because everything is racial, and, since Storm Lake has some nonwhite players, this is a no-brainer for bleeding hearts like Cullen!

After the election in 2008, I tried to rationalize the election of a nobody who had done nothing thinking maybe this would ease racial tensions. Maybe it was time for a nonwhite to become president and homogenize our "melting pot" of various ethnicity into just plain Americans!

Never have I been more wrong! Race relations are as bad today as anytime since the Civil War. Thank you POTUS No. 44!

Jerry Crew, Webb