Letter to the Editor

One Man’s Perspective

Monday, January 29, 2018

I wanted to congratulate you on a wonderful “One Man’s Perspective” in Monday’s paper. I hope some other news sources start investigating a bit more in the future to all news stories.

I’m sure you have spoken to many folks who were at the game(s) on Jan. 19, but I wanted to give you first hand insight at another part of the night that has failed to be a part of any story about that evening. My wife and I were at both games (we missed the first four minutes of the girls contest, but were there for the entirety of the boys contest). We have had many conversations about that evening since the story became “news” and both of us missed the key waving and “lock you doors/cars” chant that accompanied. I do agree 100 percent with Ryan that there was never a “USA” chant that evening. The student section has in the past done that chant (I don’t recall what school we were playing as it happened in previous years), and each time I have said to my wife, “They do realize both schools are in the U.S., right?”

What has been missed (and I think is a very important part of the entire story) is what happened when both boys teams were starting their warmups. As our boys enter the southeast doors and run to the north basket, our students stand on the sideline, and high five our boys as they run past. At the same time, the visiting team enters from the northwest door to warmup on the south goals. But something happened Jan. 19, I had not seen all year. As the Storm Lake team shuffled around the boundary lines, a small group of our students stood at the half line and high fived Storm Lake players. As a high school soccer referee, I recognize players faces from both teams (not always names). At least two of the Spencer students and maybe all four were soccer players and I recognized a number of the Storm Lake boys as soccer players also. I specifically pointed that out to my wife and told her how cool I thought that was.

Maybe it was such a small gesture that no one else noticed ... I find that very hard to believe, but maybe I was the only one.

I just wanted to give you my eye witness account to what I saw and thank you again. Unfortunately, we (Spencer) have been given a black eye. The good news, a black eye will heal. Let’s just hope the same happens here. With all the talk of “fake news” over the past few years, it hits home now.

Keep up the great work!

Thank you for your time.

— Matthew Kuehler, Spencer