Letter to the Editor

President Trump

Sunday, January 21, 2018

I was with a friend of mine one evening at one of the local watering holes enjoying an adult beverage and discussing the political events of the day when he quipped something about President Donald Trump that was factually inaccurate. I was surprised to learn that he didn't really know the facts surrounding his comment, he just repeated what he had heard from the various news sources that are known for their 30-second sound bites and disdain for Mr. Trump.

An article in the National Review stated that: "After all, in year one, Trump has been demonized in a manner unprecedented in post-war America, given the astonishing statistic that 90 percent of all media coverage of his person and policies has been negative." I think the man has alligator skin.

I rarely send letters to the editor, but after reading my friend H. Schar's letter in the Spencer Daily Reporter and knowing that there is so much inaccurate information and negative opinions out there I feel the urge to respond. Whether you like Trump or not, let me enlighten some of you on some of things he has done in his first year on the job.

Here are some highlights:

—As part of his campaign promise, Trump has cut more regulations than any president in the last 60 years, resulting in a robust U.S. economy not seen in decades. The Competitive Enterprise Institute said that Trump has issued 58 percent fewer major and costly regulations than former President Obama and slashed the Federal Register, the government's rule book, by 32 percent. And American Action Forum said that the Trump administration has saved $560 million by cutting regulations and meeting its promise to eliminate two old rules for every new one. Trump is basically unraveling the Obama rule making that a damper on American creativity and business prowess.

—Other NATO nations are finally paying their fair share of their military obligations and the once-indomitable ISIS “caliphate” has been defeated. North Korea is playing nice with South Korea and Trump is being credited with the North talking to the South. His rhetoric is strong and the men he has assigned to manage our military, James Mattis and H. R McMaster, are not political and long ago embraced a realist view of human nature.

—A robust Defense Bill was signed through the National Defense Authorization Act, improving U.S. military spending from an 80-year low.

—The nation has added 2.2M jobs this year and consumer confidence is at a 17-year high. It was just announced today by CNBC that U.S. weekly jobless claims fell last week to the lowest level in 45 years. This means the economy is very strong.

—We’ve also had 3 percent GDP growth two quarters in a row, beating all expectations and proving that anemic growth of the past decade is NOT the “new norm.” This level of growth to our economy is predicted to continue through this year.

—The stock market has added $6 trillion in wealth and Congress just passed the largest tax cut since Ronald Reagan. The DOW 30-stock index has surged more than 31 percent since Trump's inauguration which marks the index's best performance during the first year of a president since Franklin Roosevelt. This tax cut — that will benefit the average family by at much as $2,000 a year — also eliminates the Obamacare individual mandate that forces people to buy a product they don’t want or couldn't afford. Despite all the dangerously disingenuous rhetoric you hear, the tax cut WILL benefit the middle class. In fact, it will lower the individual taxes of 80 percent of the nation.

—It also allows the U.S. to drill for oil in the ANWR which will take years to produce, but the U.S. is now an oil exporter and the Middle East oil barons don't hold sway over us anymore.

Gerald Sieb wrote today in the Wall Street Journal, "In the year since he took the oath of office, Mr. Trump has shown that he simply isn’t bound by what had been seen as the previous conventions of the role he is playing. Other presidents have sought to avoid or tamp down controversy; he is as likely to stir up or make a beeline toward controversy, seeing it as a tool in effecting change. Past presidents have tended to speak off-the-cuff sparingly and carefully; Mr. Trump does it every day on a social-media platform never before deployed this way." I will venture to say that his methods will be studied in management, communication and political courses for years to come.

Trump has been called a racist, but he has received the Ellis Island Medal of Honor which embody the spirit of America in their celebration of patriotism, tolerance, brotherhood and diversity. He has done more for black unemployment that any president of recent memory. It was reported last week black unemployment is down one whole point which is extraordinary.

He's been called a misogynist, but there are only accusations and no facts. The leftists and Never Trumper crowd have called him Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini and other unsightly comparisons. In fact, for the first time in eight years, it is highly unlikely that the FBI, IRS, CIA, DOJ and other alphabet-soup agencies see their tasks as going after the president’s perceived opponents.

Whether you like the guy or not, he is caustic and is not doing what the east coast and liberal elites think he should do. I think it is entertaining. And if he did call those African countries what he is being accused of, so what? I wouldn't want live in any of them.

So hang on for the ride — it will be interesting. And if he bothers you, just shut off the news and go for a walk on our wonderful bike paths.

— Dave Kimbell, Spencer