Letter to the Editor

Robert Sneitzer letter

Monday, December 18, 2017

I promised myself I would NEVER respond to a letter from Robert Sneitzer until his letter in last Monday's Reporter. As a military veteran speaking, I hope for ALL veterans, I had no choice but to respond to his letter reeking with ignorance about the meaning of protest!

When he states "Our country was founded by protestors ..." he, not only doesn't know how to spell protesters, but is also clueless WHY our country was formed! Most importantly, I and all veterans who believe in God, honor and country take offense when ANYONE desecrates our flag and disrespects our national anthem.

Our country was NOT founded by "abolitionists, the women's suffrage actions, civil rights and gay rights movements" nor was it formed by protesting "against the tyrannical rule of a colonizing foreign power." It was founded by a force of freedom fighters willing to give their very life for a cause! They weren't "taking a knee" in protest!

I wonder if today's protesters really want change? If they did, they'd go to the source of the problem to level their charges of racial injustice. Go to Chicago where over 700 blacks are murdered/year or any ghetto in any large city and protest the local government which, almost w/o exception, are liberal Democrats.

If I were a betting man, I would lay odds most "true" liberals would NOT support anything or anybody showing disrespect for our flag, anthem and veterans. Support for Colin Kaepernik and his fellow protesters (players, owners and the NFL) SPITS on me, as a veteran, and our country!

Here's a suggestion for today's protesters. Take a permanent trip to Canada and join the cowards (protesters) who fled there to avoid military service during the Vietnam War!

Jerry Crew, Webb