Letter to the Editor

Saying something positive about President Trump

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Thanks to a sometimes writer for calling attention to a favorable happening during the Trump administration. A 15 percent gain in the Dow Jones Index since President Trump took office. I, along with others that invest in the market, saw a nice bump in our stock portfolio. I certainly hope it will continue.

I am further hopeful that it will match the market performance during President Obamaís administration. On March 6, 2009, after surviving the financial crisis left by the previous (Bush) administration the DJ Index was at a low of 6,626.94. By Dec. 30 of 2016, when President Obama left office, the Index reached 19,762.60. Some call it a 300 percent gain, but actually it was only 298.22 percent.

Another positive during Trumpís tenure is the drop in the unemployment rate from 4.7 percent to 4.1 percent. Again, checking history, during the Obama administration the unemployment rate in 2009 was at a high of 9.9 percent. When he left office in 2016 it was 4.7 percent, less than half of the previous high.

I am hopeful there will be more positives during the Trump administration to report.

ó Robert Sneitzer, Spirit Lake