Letter to the Editor

Quick actions and Godís guidance saved Austin Crew

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Austin Crew, a 17-year-old, suffered a cardiac arrest near his parked vehicle after attending the football game between the high schools of Spencer and Storm Lake on Oct. 13. Quick actions saved Austinís life.

I was personally involved with the resuscitation after evaluating a young man lying on the pavement without movement. Several people had started to render aid and I evidently arrived when Austin became unresponsive.

CPR was started after assessing his breathing and no pulse. It was the quick actions of those who helped with chest compressions and breathing. Quick actions were taken by calling 911. The Police Department arrived within three minutes and the ambulance and paramedics arrived within five minutes. All these providers worked as a team in the resuscitation.

I have been a nurse anesthetist for 37 years and have rendered aid in many cardiac arrest situations in the emergency room where it can be very chaotic. The efforts and performance by the police, paramedics and bystanders who assisted were outstanding. The resuscitation was successful because of quick actions and team work.

After being transferred to the emergency room, Austin continued to receive high level care with continuous monitoring, assessment and treatment before his transfer to Sanford Hospital in Sioux Falls.

I was very pleased to have rendered aid with all these outstanding individuals. I would like to recognize everyoneís efforts. I have been informed those individuals included paramedics Kyle Ford, Clint Newton, Cody Cameron, John Dahl and Matt Imming. Storm Lake Police included Bre Platt and Mitchel McDonald. Jason Holt and others unknown at the scene were instrumental in the team effort. The community of Storm Lake has an outstanding response team for medical emergencies.

It has been reported that Austin is progressing and will return to school shortly. I thank God for guiding us through this event. God bless Austin and his family.

ó Dale Kroll, CRNA, Spencer