Letter to the Editor

The condition of President Trump

Monday, October 16, 2017

Is it time to be worried, scared or terrified? The words and actions of the president are taking our country in the wrong direction say 66 percent of Americans. Many in congress, Democrats and Republicans are questioning the president’s stability and ability to govern. A number of psychiatrists (27) have come forward with the conclusion his psychological instability is alarmingly apparent in his repeated disability to distinguish between reality and fantasy and his erratic responses to stress and crises. His tendency to become enraged at the slightest criticism is worrisome.

Signs of the president’s unraveling are stark and contribute to his ability to govern. His failure to react to the hacking attacks of our national elections, his decimation of the State Department and other federal agencies, his irrational withdrawal from the world’s commitment to prevent catastrophic climate change, enriching himself and his family by actions from his office, continual threats against the free press, verbal assaults against anyone (especially women) who question his words or actions and the use of fallacious news whenever the truth casts him in a bad light. And of course this week’s interaction with Iran and North Korea.

A joint statement by Judith L. Herman M.D., Harvard Medical School, Robert Jay Lifton M.D., Columbia University, Nannete Gartrell M.D., U. Cal. San Francisco, Bandy X. Lee M.D., Yale School of Medicine and Dee Mosbacher, M.D., Ph.D., U. Cal. California, follows:

The power of the presidency has accentuated Mr. Trump’s failings with devastating effects. His psychological isolation — including his tenuous relationship with reality — has led to the dangerous isolation of the United States from the rest of the world. Our Constitution has provisions for removing any president who is unable to discharge the duties of office. For the sake of our country and the world, we urge our elected representatives to summon their courage so that lawful steps can be taken to end the Trump presidency.

Not my words, but words from prestigious members of the United States medical community.

— Robert Sneitzer, Spirit Lake