Letter to the Editor

Miscreants in the NFL

Monday, October 9, 2017

There are miscreants in the NFL, supported and held in high esteem by sports media, who think it is their right to kneel when the national anthem is played. It may be legal, but NOT right! Anyone with any sense of patriotism KNOWS this shows disrespect to the flag, our country and, most importantly, those of us who have served in the military especially those who have given the ultimate sacrifice!

I cringe whenever I hear blowhard pundits tell us the purpose of our service is to protect their right to kneel! I served 13 years in the Air Force during the height of the "cold war" and not once did I ever think I'm here to protect the right of spoiled rotten multimillionaire players and two-faced billionaire owners to disrespect our country!

Colin Kaepernick would have only been a footnote in football history if the owner of the San Francisco 49ers had, in the interest of professional football, fired him on the spot! The blame is NOT only the players! They are merely pawns and puppets of sports media (ESPN) and the owners who allow such behavior from their employees. Two once respected owners of perhaps the top two franchises in the NFL the New England Patriots and Dallas Cowboys folded like a cheap accordion as they locked arms with their players during the national anthem! Jerry Jones and Robert Kraft deserve and have earned a loud, long resounding "Bronx Cheer!"

As I was writing this, I was reminded of the similarity these protests have with the land owners who sign contracts to erect wind turbines without contacting their neighbors. They have the "right" to build a turbine on their property, but do the neighbors also have a "right" to NOT have a turbine next to their property because property values ALWAYS drop when a turbine is erected? The closer the turbine, the bigger the drop!

Just as the players show disrespect for our country by "taking a knee" during the national anthem, those landowners signing turbine contracts are "thumbing their noses" at their neighbors and we in the community who have to look at and listen to these God-awful contraptions!

Jerry Crew, Webb