Letter to the Editor


Sunday, September 17, 2017

Seeing for some reason you didn’t want to print my “only” letter I usually write once a year on greed, I thought I might write on one appreciation, here goes.

According to Websters New Pocket Dictionary, the word appreciation is known has value, enjoy, recognize rightly or gracefully. In other words, going out of your way to help somebody ya don’t even know. Is usually appreciated. Bringing somebody a plate of food (Example: Meals on Wheels mean a healthy tip) is appreciated.

The United States of America is only 5 percent of the world’s population. Our Declaration of Independence is pretty much beloved all over the world. But what stands out for me is we’re given life, liberty and the pursuit of our own happiness. In other words, your fate of happiness is in your hands, and do it with gusto!

In conclusion, we take way to much for granted in this country. Ya don’t have to do much. One small, kind act to a total stranger works for me!

—Robert Yancey, Spencer