Letter to the Editor

Opinions and freedom of speech

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Thanks to Russ Mitchell of the DCN for explaining the difference between an article, column and editorial for those that werenít aware of the difference. For some time now, Messerís Peterson and Fox have been decrying me and my opinions about our current administration published in our local papers. They also list alleged scandals of past administrations. Why the long wait to air your complaints? Was there no lead in your pencil when these supposed affairs occurred? Where were your editorial comments then? Can you list the disastrous results caused by them?

Most people will agree that a personís character is a factor in the decisions he makes. The presidentís character speaks for itself. It is my opinion that many of the decisions made by the president are having disastrous effects. To list a few: 20 million Americans stand to lose their health insurance coverage, 800,000 young people brought here as children, would have their future destroyed by deportation, a nuclear settlement with Iran is in danger of blowing up, hostilities with North Korea are closer than ever, denying climate change and pulling out of the Paris Accord astounds the rest of the world, alienation of our staunch allies: Germany, France, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico and Australia has caused an unprecedented loss of trust worldwide.

My suggestion to you: Instead of attacking me and my opinions, you could list the actions of the president that are beneficial to the country and to the people he has promised to serve.

As for me, I will continue to submit my opinions. including criticisms where necessary, and exercise my right of free speech.

ó Robert Sneitzer, Spirit Lake