Letter to the Editor

Wind turbines

Sunday, August 27, 2017

The latest article about the proposed IWTs fails to mention that while there are 143 rural residences in Waterford and Lone Tree townships that only nine of those residents have signed wind leases. The rest of the 35 signers are absentee landowners. Those that stand to make the most money by participating refuse to sign even in a horrible farming economy. Why? Because they have done their homework. Even though Apex assures people there will be no negative health impacts they do not say that there will not be a large level of nuisance. Nuisance for the people that live there. Nuisance for the people who collected a petition of 150 signatures within the project area in 24 hours when they finally learned of the planned project.

Our ordinance allows for 45 decibels of sound at the outside wall of a residence. How would you feel if your neighbor sat and had a conversation on the other side of your bedroom window at night? Shadow flicker is like the lights being turned off and on in homes for hours and hours but the ordinance allows for it. Apex is offering neighbor agreements for anyone living within half-mile of the project. A contract to keep your complaints only to Apex so they can go on saying that no one has any problems.

One Iowan spoke at the meeting telling an impassioned story of the problems he is having with wind turbines on his farm. These important points were not reported.

Janna Swanson, Ayrshire