Letter to the Editor

Dickinson County Republican fundraiser

Sunday, August 27, 2017

"Monday letters" author, old whatchamacallit, engaged in his usual specious rhetoric, insinuating I am the constant letter-writing companion of a fellow named Jerry. But rather than go further into an underbelly or wherever else H hangs out, let me assure the readers that there is no truth to this assertion. We share common views, but we do not conspire to write letters. Nor do we wish to infringe on the fame/infamy of the cartoon characters he cited. That said, we both were in attendance the evening of Aug. 22 when Senator Joni Ernst, Governor Kim Reynolds and Congressman Steve King graced the stage at the Dickinson County Republican fundraiser. I didn't see any of my steamed detractors at the event. Too bad. They missed some truly inspiring speeches that "ginned up the base" something fierce.

One example from the aforementioned event came from King. He shared with us the heartwarming update on the three children who were the lone survivors of a May 6 school bus crash in Tanzania that killed 33 other seventh-graders, two teachers and the bus driver. Mercy Medical Center in Sioux City and Dr. Steve Meyer collaborated to get Wilson, Sadhia and Doreen to Sioux City for the life-saving medical care they needed. King was able to contact numerous U.S. embassies requesting any and all help they could provide. He was happy to report that the children are back home in Tanzania now, and that he was able to be there to see it happen. He could have passed on the "junket," and jumped on the campaign trail to promote his campaign for re-election, as most others in his position do during the summer recess from Congress. I'm glad he did his bit to help restore the soul of America. Good job, congressman!

Bill Kersting, Spencer