Letter to the Editor

Charlottesville and terrorism

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

After reading Monday's editorial, and two letters to the editor concerning the events in Charlottesville, I felt the need to respond.

While all three writers seemed intent on emphasizing the need to share the blame equally for the violence, only one managed to even mention the fact that a woman died, and nowhere in any of them was the term terrorism used, much less "domestic terrorism. Even our Republican senators felt the need to call Heather Heyer's death a terrorist act. If former KKK leader David Duke was to read our small-town paper, I fear he would thank the three authors for their support of his cause, much like he thanked Mr. Trump for his half-hearted response to the attack.

I was also puzzled by the editor's call for a nonviolent response to the alt-right and neo-Nazi terrorists. In a June 4 editorial following Islamic terrorist attacks in Europe, he called such people "rabid dogs," and stated that the only way to stop them was to "put them down. Why no call for peace, love and understanding then? A terrorist is a terrorist, right?

Finally, in response to Mr. Kersting's Tom Petty lyric reference, I might ask him to consider another, in memory of Heather Heyer ... "She was an American girl, raised on promises ... and if she had to die trying, she had one little promise she was gonna keep." Let's keep Heather's promise alive. Continue to call out racism.

Greg Johnson, Spencer