Letter to the Editor

Charlottesville violence

Sunday, August 20, 2017

During his eight years as POTUS, Ronald Reagan was under constant attack from the media and liberals, but that was child’s play compared to the blistering attacks President Trump under goes every day! The recent events in Charlottesville and the reaction of the media is the “perfect storm” after eight years of a president who looked at everything through the eyes of a disadvantaged and persecuted member of a minority. He was never able to put aside his personal feelings and act like a president!

The point is the media loved Barrack Hussein Obama! Every single article published by mainstream media was written with orgasmic glee celebrating the greatest president ever surpassing even their poster child, JFK! Contrast that with the current POTUS who is hated and defiled by the entire press. (Minus Fox News and talk radio.) In fact a major news network used the entire news hour (30 minutes) spewing hatred and venom at a president who had the audacity to condemn both sides for the violence!

What happened in Charlottesville? It started when the Ku Klux Klan and other white supremacy organizations applied for and received a legal permit to demonstrate in the streets which, it should pointed out, is the right of every citizen under the first amendment. Unfortunately the “other” side, without a permit to assemble on a public street, engaged them prepared for violence, and viola!

Initially, President Trump blamed both sides for the violence without naming names. The vitriolic response from media and, unfortunately, some conservatives for not calling out the KKK, Nazis and other white supremacists, caused him to issue his second statement calling them by name. The continued violence and desecration of public property by the “other side” caused him to engage in another (third) briefing stating the quite apparent fact both sides were responsible for the violence reemphasizing his first statement.

OMG! How could he equate the two? Everyone knows the “left” is incapable of hate and racism which means only the “right” is to blame for the violence. I wonder if they really believe their own credo — all people have rights and we celebrate diversity? Only, apparently, if they agree with them!

— Jerry Crew, Webb