Letter to the Editor

King RAGBRAI protest

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Let me put it this way, your campaign to discredit Congressman Steve King at RAGBRAI, was nothing more than an old, tired tactic. Whether or not 90 percent of riders agreed with you is hardly a "fact" Mr. King is likely to concern himself with. I have no doubt that if I had told riders and crew members in front of the AARP booth that the bananas we handed out were made possible by King, that they would have consumed them gladly. It doesn't mean that 90 percent support him as a congressman. Can we say unscientific? Oh, yes, I can have you google a site that has King as the 15th best legislator in the United States Congress. I prefer that one, myself.

No, from what I see and hear, you are no more likely to adopt my view than I would yours. Keep on keeping on, and I'll do the same. See you at the Dickinson County Republicans' annual picnic where the congressman is scheduled to speak, along with Governor Reynolds and Senator Ernst. Peace in the struggle!

Bill Kersting, Spencer