Letter to the Editor

RAGBRAI King protest

Sunday, August 6, 2017

The women and men who passed out free water to RAGBRAI bikers near Ayrshire were engaged in civil dialogue with bikers from all over the country. We were exercising our civil right to discuss in a respectful manner. Although a few riders shouted “Go Trump” or “Build a wall” as they rode by, it appeared that 90 percent agreed that Steve King is an embarrassment to Iowa. I can’t tell you how many shouted “We’re sorry about Steve King too” as they rode by and many out of state riders stopped to tell us that they considered not coming to Iowa on account of Steve King. Apparently a number of clubs decided to skip RAGBRAI this year in protest of his racist statements. In preparing for our event I googled King’s voting record and found that he ranks as the least effective congressperson in Congress, having failed to pass any bills out of committee. We “old gals,” as Bill Kersting referred to us, think that Iowa deserves a congressperson that gets something accomplished for all people in Iowa.

— Mary Marske, Spencer