Letter to the Editor

King RAGBRAI protest

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

RAGBRAI has come and gone. News accounts and editorials praised the community for stepping up and doing a great job of welcoming the riders and their crews. From my vantage point on the fairgrounds where AARP had their display, it was very apparent that people were having a good time and appreciated the opportunities and amenities. I was able to pass out free bananas, courtesy of AARP, and I know from the expressions and comments that they were a big hit! All associated with the Clay County Fair, the vendors, churches, and service clubs, law enforcement, and EMS providers are to be commended, as are the Spencer Chamber, Main Street, Ryan Odor, Kevin Brown, Jill Barr and all the committee chairs and members. What an effort!

With all that positivity on display, it was disappointing to see a front page story July 25 proclaim "Local progressives protest King." I guess old Sue and Linda just couldn't resist the temptation to engage in their seemingly favorite sport. In my book, the best part of the deal was that it took place a few miles to the east. Apparently the gals haven't gotten the message that the majority of folks are not "Sorry About Steve King." Quite the contrary! So much for efforts to get along and have a civil dialog!

Bill Kersting, Spencer