Letter to the Editor

Industrial wind

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I have read stories about industrial wind. I have read stories on that there is opposition to industrial wind but you have never done a story on why there is opposition to industrial wind in the Spencer Daily Reporter? I offered to write an article for the newspaper and you told me I could write a letter to the editor so here it is.

We had a speaker come. Professor Terry McGovern is a retired lieutenant colonel with multiple doctorate and master's degrees. He even teaches ethics and has three wind turbines out his living room window. Yet before he came Apex sent letters out to landowners disparaging Terry and telling landowners not to attend. What are they afraid of? Mostly it is not local landowners who are signing wind easements but rather landowners who do not live on their land.

Our setbacks are far too minimal. That is why Lincoln County, South Dakota, voted in half-mile setbacks, Michigan townships have been voting out Big Wind by the dozens and states like Vermont and Massachusetts are discussing 5,000-foot setbacks for 500-foot wind turbines. A Falmouth, Massachusetts, judge just ordered two wind turbines shut down because the nearest residences (1,600 feet) and residents for half of a mile had issued so many complaints. They were deemed a nuisance. Right now Clay County setbacks are at 1,250 feet. Why?

Janna Swanson, Coalition for Rural Property Rights board member and Clay County resident