Letter to the Editor

'Aww, SNAP'

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Congratulations to Seth Boyes for his insightful column, "Aww, SNAP"

I can't understand how our 535 elected congressmen and senators can say with a straight face that they are representing the American people, when in reality they're just licking the boots of the special interests who give them obscene funds.

If they were indeed interested in our best interests, they would learn from the experiences of all the other industrialized countries who have had universal health care for decades! But that would upset the, for-mega-profit insurance and pharmaceutical companies who give the lush contributions. They will just have to adapt, like those who used to make button hooks, etc.

After a few years on Medicare, our universal health care for seniors, we've discovered it works really quite well! Friends we've made in our overseas travels, our exchange student's (Germany and Australia) families, are happy with it. A friend we were traveling with developed pneumonia in Seville, Spain, was well cared for there. Yes, all will pay more in taxes, but employers will raise salaries since they don't have to deal with insurance. Or those of us who were self employed will pay the money we've been paying for insurance to the government who's in a much better position to negotiate fairer prices for services. This is not rocket science!

This whole campaign process needs to be shortened. I wonder how many miles of crumbling Highway 18 could be paved with what was spent in Iowa in months previous to the last six months before elections? Or think of school improvements that are sorely needed?

Lynn Swan, Dickens