Letter to the Editor

'Diligent' supervisors

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Yet another story in Thursday’s Daily Reporter about our “diligent” supervisors addressing the concerns of wind turbines. Here’s a hint — if you are truly concerned about the impact on the citizens of Clay County — forget about the greedy land owners blinded by the $10,000/year and the impact on their tile lines and their farming operation. You’d better be worried about us schmucks who are in danger of losing property value when our “good neighbors” decide to erect a wind turbine adjacent to out property which will decrease our value! And, to be quite frank, P**s us off!

I’ve been involved in a four year battle (we finally won) with an out of state (same as APEX) company that wanted to use eminent domain, if unable to get a landowner to sign voluntarily, to erect an above ground transmission carrying electricity from a yet to be built wind turbine farm in O’Brien County. Wind turbines advertise they don’t use eminent domain. Big deal! Right? But, (there’s always at least one) when the board of supervisors refuse to set a distance from a wind turbine that will not lower property value of adjacent property, aren’t they, in effect using eminent domain? The difference, of course, if it was called eminent domain, there’d be a county compensation board to reimburse landowners!

It’s time for Joe, Barry, Burlin, Dan and Randy to pull their head out of the sand (or other more intimate places) and realize they represent all citizens of Clay County — not just the hogs!

— Jerry Crew, Webb