Letter to the Editor

Opponents of APEX/Alliant wind farm

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Tuesday, May 23, at 10:30 a.m. the opponents of APEX/Alliant wind farm will be presenting our side to the board of supervisors. Apparently, according to the Daily Reporter, the “big guns” of APEX et al. presented the “glories” of wind to the supervisors at the May 9 meeting. It is now time to make it crystal clear to the supervisors there is another side to the story because a rather large majority of Clay County property owners do not want a turbine anywhere near their private property!

If you oppose the erection of the those ugly behemoths destroying the esthetics of our rural landscape, our property values, our ability to use aerial spraying, (an important part of modern agriculture) our avian wildlife especially bats and eagles and, most importantly, the quiet tranquility of rural living then, by all means, show up at 10:30 a.m. in the supervisors boardroom May 23! I can’t over stress the importance of everyone, if physically possible, attend and make our presence felt!

The supervisors are reluctant to establish a realistic set-back because they don’t want to infringe on a land owners right to sell an easement. Wrong! The owner who doesn’t want them anywhere near their property is the one with his rights being stomped on because the presence of a wind turbine decreases his property value! The most basic function of government is protection of their constituents and their private property! I would prefer prohibition of turbines, but most of us could live with the following restrictions — no turbine closer than 1 mile from a residence and half from all other property!

“Wind is clean, green and free!” What’s not to like? Unfortunately, the truth is a wind turbine will never recover the amount of fossil fuel expended for the construction and maintenance over the 20-year lifetime of a turbine! Wind may be “free” but certainly not “clean nor green!”

Greed is the driving force for wind turbines! Greed of the bloodsucking Apex's of the world suckling at the government teat of massive subsidies, greed of the supervisors who only look at $ signs for increased tax revenue and greed of the landowner willing to sacrifice being a “good” neighbor for $10,000!

— Jerry Crew, Webb