Letter to the Editor

A challenge to King?

Friday, April 28, 2017

These days, topics for letters to the editor appear to be limitless. Many focus on the merits or deficiencies of those in elected office. Others choose to promote causes, the virtues of their favorite sports teams, or the troubles in all parts of the world. I prefer to be positive and upbeat, for the most part. However, some topics seldom go away, and the penchant for the news media to report (can we admit "over report?) on others seems mostly laughable much of the time.

This time around, I want to mention a few items that are of particular interest to me. As we are 18 months prior to next year's midterm elections, you can count on mudslinging by those who can never say anything positive about our 4th District U.S. Rep. Steve King. Of late, he is accused of taking trips to a half dozen or so foreign countries. The naysayers carp about the waste they say that this represents. My take on it is this: at least my congressman shows the initiative to reach out, travel to, and discuss with those others in the world we'd like to see as allies. He's trying to learn and form positive ties. I know, I know, why doesn't he stay home and get more done in Washington, D.C.? Well, golly, he is known for getting things done both in D.C. and being available in his district to meet with constituents. Think of it this way: the trips help promote international good will, and goodness knows, we need more of that currently and going forward. By meeting with leaders in other parts of the world, it gives him in person experience he can use to help craft legislation, or debunk bad bills being considered in Congress. Peers in Washington have known the congressman for years, and benefit from his trips and the information he brings back home. The countries visited also benefit from the Congressman seeing up close and personal what issues they face, and from the knowledge that the USA cares (probably more than the leadership of the visited country, in some cases). Finally, these fact finding trips help pave the way for future alliances that may be mutually beneficial.

I'm amused that King's challenger from the party of zip has spent some time over the years as a psychic. Maybe "SickKim" has a future that will compare with Psychic Suzanna's, in Sioux City. The latter has made a living for decades playing her trade in hot spots such as Mitchelville, Glidden and Altoona. Being a guest on call-in radio shows, and in local taverns and pubs, she's apparently done well for herself. Kim Weaver's chances of representing the 4th District two years from now don't seem as bright, in my book. Railing against the incumbent and having little of substance to bring to the table didn't do much for Weaver the last go around, or for the former Iowa governor's wife either.

Bill Kersting, Spencer