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Spencer emergency services

Friday, April 25, 2014

Due to an emergency in our neighborhood I was recently required to dial 911. Within minutes (And I mean minutes) local police were on the scene, followed by Spencer Fire and Rescue. It was a very well orchestrated scene of teamwork. Our neighbor was stabilized and taken to ICU at the hospital. And thanks to these people a positive outcome has ensued.

How fortunate we are to have such quality services available to us in a community of this size. Often while outside I notice a police car driving through the neighborhood ensuring our safety. Again, having the benefit of a city police force, county law enforcement. and the many volunteers who make our quality fire and rescue team possible, is a often overlooked benefit of our community (I also fall in the guilty section).

My sister in law from Memphis, Tenn., and brother in law from Ottawa, Ill., have often commented while visiting how neat of a community Spencer is. Nice parks, trail system, and a beautiful downtown are a few of the things they are impressed with for a community of this size. My two adult children were born and raised here. Thanks to a great school system they were both afforded a great education and had the opportunity to participate in a few of the many extra-curricular activities offered.

Thank you Spencer for a great place to call home.

Brad Nair


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