Book Review: 'Deep Winter'

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Samuel W. Gailey. Blue Rider, 304 pp. $25.95

I thought it would be apt to review a book titled "Deep Winter" in the middle of February, and recent weather has only heightened this for me.

But "Deep Winter" is so much more than subtle timing. It's an incredibly engaging read, which undoubtedly stems from Gailey's experience writing for television and film. "Deep Winter" is his debut novel.

The book opens with Danny finding Mindy's body, naked and "sprawled out on the trailer floor next to Danny like a discarded rag doll." After the scene ends the story backs up 18 hours to give us the full picture.

Danny is described as a "gentle simpleminded giant," not well regarded in his small community of Wyalusing, Penn. Mindy is the waitress at the café Danny goes for breakfast. Though everyone else in town speaks in hushed tones when he walks in a room, Mindy is kind to him. She gives him free hot chocolate on his birthday.

The story switches perspectives, between Danny, Mindy and the deputy Mike Sokowski. Gailey switches voices easily between the perspectives, making them pop off the page.

"Deep Winter" is an excellent thriller, the story of a small town with secrets it will desperately hide.

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