Letter to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 4-18-09

Saturday, April 18, 2009

To the editor,

Shame on anyone who would participate in the "TEA Party" demonstrations! Are you all in the 5 percent that earn over $250,000 a year? That's where the higher taxes are being sought. Paychecks increased recently with the lower Federal tax, for the other 95 percent.

My big question is, where were you with your protests the last eight years? When the greedy CEO's were raping their companies with huge bonuses for themselves and selling out the working man? Where were you when Wall Street was collapsing and we watched our retirement savings disappear? Where were you when America spent billions to support a war, and quit reporting the daily body count because it was so high? Where were you when families were losing their homes due to job losses, medical bills, and declining income to the middle/lower class? Where were you when decisions were made that assault guns should be sold openly? I could go on for pages, but you get the point, we have been in steady decline, with no protests. Now we have a President that inherited this huge mess, and has met the challenge head on to try and get America back on track, to save jobs, homes, retirement...and now you protest? He has been in office 10 weeks and you begin your attack on him?

This is what I see in the last 10 weeks: a man who stands up to corporate greed, lobbyists, and stands up for the working man and woman. He has surrounded himself with the top energy, financial, health care, and foreign policy staff to try and pull America out of this destructive decline. I don't think eight years of decline can be repaired in a few weeks, and it sure can't be repaired without investing funds. Healing our economy will take time.

I see a President that traveled abroad and was welcomed by our allies, instead of American flags being burned or shoes flying at press conferences. We have a President and First Lady that the world adores. And America is forming protests? Michele planted a garden, and garden seed sales are now out pacing flower sales all over America for the first time in 40 years. Our President is challenging us to get involved with volunteer work, to Pay it Forward. Have any of the protestors tried that on for size?

In Clay County, we have one of the highest domestic abuse rates in Iowa: protest that! We have jobs being lost to Mexico and China, protest that. Drug abuse is as prevalent in Clay County as the rest of America: get involved, Help. We have citizens that cannot afford mortgages, groceries, medicine, medical treatment: help them. Choose to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

The time, money and energy spent on a TEA Party, could be spent on projects that help our county and our country, and wouldn't that be a better legacy to leave our children and grandchildren.

Mary Schomaker,


To the editor

The recent Iowa Supreme Court decision striking down Iowa's marriage law has brought forward a great deal of discussion on the nature of marriage and its relationship to society. Our support of a "defense of marriage" amendment also raises questions about how we can be a church that models God's love for each and every person, and at the same time support a legislative measure which would limit marriage to the union of only one man and one woman.

We are convinced that the passage of this amendment is important for the following reasons.

First, the institution of marriage as a union between one man and one woman goes back to the beginning of recorded human history. Marriage between a man and a woman is a good from the perspectives of both natural law and our Catholic faith. Same-sex marriage, on the other hand, is a creation of the State (or, just of its judiciary) and will likely open the door to redefining additional relationships as marriage, such as polygamy. A constitutional amendment is the best available legal means to protect the traditional understanding of marriage from a redefinition by the judiciary.

Secondly, we affirm that marriage is a gift from God which is essential to the stability of family and society. Society has chosen to protect and promote marriage because of its unique contribution to the common good. For example, marriage between a man and a woman supports responsible behavior in the care of children. Children who are raised by a married father and mother have more positive outcomes, including behavioral and educational accomplishments.

Thirdly, unfortunately, in recent decades, cohabitation and divorce laws have already contributed to a weakening of marriage. This has tended to harm women and children in particular. Usually, children do better physically, emotionally and financially if they are in a stable family relationship of father/mother (husband/wife).

Fourthly, social engineering by judges or legislatures adds to the confusion about the good that marriage offers to society, and weakens the critical relationship between marriage and parenting.

Therefore, we call on Catholics and other citizens of Iowa to reflect carefully on the real social cost of this judicial imposition, and to support the need for a constitutional amendment. We affirm that this is the best way for Iowans to support the ideal of marriage as the stable union of one man and one woman.

Most Rev. Jerome Hanus, OSB, Archbishop of Dubuque

Most Rev. R. Walker Nickless, Bishop of Sioux City

Most Rev. Martin Amos, Bishop of Davenport

Most Rev. Richard Pates, Bishop of Des Moines