Letter to the Editor

Letters to the Editor 3-9-2009

Monday, March 9, 2009

Red Cross Month

To the editor:

Across the United States, March is recognized as American Red Cross Month. As one of the nation's best known humanitarian organizations, the Red Cross has been at the forefront of helping Americans prevent, prepare for and respond to large and small disasters for 127 years. Communities depend on the Red Cross in times of need, and the Red Cross depends on the support of the American people to achieve its mission.

This year the Red Cross is taking time in March to focus on the volunteers and employees who demonstrate such compassion and generosity by supporting the Red Cross in northwest Iowa and around the country. As one of more than 700 chapters and blood regions across the country, we rely on these everyday heroes to give their time and talents to help others through CPR, first aid and automated external defibrillator training, to coordinate blood drives, or make financial donations.

In the past year alone, the Iowa Great Lakes Chapter responded to 11 residential home fires, assisted 21 military families and trained hundreds of people in lifesaving skills. Across this community, the Red Cross is an organization people can rely on for help, comfort, assistance and compassion. On behalf of the Iowa Great Lakes Chapter, I thank you for your support to help us continue our service to those who need us, every day.

Bill Campbell

Executive Director, Iowa Great Lakes Chapter American Red Cross

County, former employee settle federal lawsuit

To the editor:

Sally L. Becker, we sympathize with you in this problem you had with the city. We admire your courage to proceed as far as you did. You are a great role model for what one person can do against overpowering opposition.

Wanda and Earl Birchard


Kathy Elliott

To the editor:

We were saddened to learn that Kathy Elliott's position at the Spencer school district has fallen victim to the latest wave of budget cuts. In addition to her work as an administrator at the school, she has played a very important part in the community, as a board member and officer of the Spencer Area Arts Council (SAAC), a charter board member of the Spencer Alliance for a Creative Economy (SPACE), and as a member of the Spencer Vision committee that is working on goals to help Spencer become an even better place than it now is.

At the SAAC, Kathy has been invaluable in facilitating strategic planning sessions for the organization. Recently, she has helped bring the resources of Arts on Grand to the aid of the school district to provide programming that might not otherwise be available, and to support the district's literacy goals.

A few years ago, at an early planning session with the former city manager and community leaders, Kathy suggested that by fostering a creative economy, Spencer might be able to attract and retain our young people--something that is necessary if the community is to grow. The result of those meetings was the formation of SPACE. More recently, the skills and knowledge she has brought to the Spencer Vision meetings have helped the committee in the development of its plans for the community's future.

Spencer will be losing a dedicated and tireless advocate when Kathy Elliott leaves.

Martin Arthur
Executive Director, Arts on Grand
for the Board of Directors of the Spencer Area Arts Council:
Jill Barr
Bob Booth
Carole Lea Cotton
Jan Edmondson
Ann Holck
Carl Klein
Irene McCoy
Mary Rahn
Peggy Roberts
Jim Schooley
John Toale
Anthony Vodraska
Barbara Workman