[Spencer Daily Reporter nameplate] Fog/Mist ~ 48°F  
High: 49°F ~ Low: 12°F
Sunday, Nov. 23, 2014


Spencer daily forecast
Chance Rain
High: 49
Chance Snow
High: 24
Low: 12
Partly Sunny
High: 31
Low: 22
Mostly Cloudy
High: 32
Low: 13
Partly Sunny
High: 18
Low: 5
Partly Sunny
High: 23
Low: 10
Mostly Cloudy
High: 24
Low: 38
Regional observations
CityWeatherTemp.HumidityFeels likePressureWinds
Spencer Fog/Mist 48°F 93% 45°F 29.44 in S at 7 mph
Cherokee Fog/Mist 50°F 100% 46°F 29.43 in S at 10 mph
Estherville Fog/Mist 49°F 97% 43°F 29.42 in S at 16 mph
Le Mars Mostly Cloudy 52°F 94% 49°F 29.43 in SW at 9 mph
Sheldon Fog/Mist 50°F 100% 45°F 29.41 in SW at 15 mph
Jackson, MN Fog/Mist 50°F 88% 46°F 29.44 in SW at 9 mph
Regional radar
National satellite
Weather across the U.S.
CityWeatherTemp.HumidityFeels like
Albuquerque, New Mexico Partly Cloudy 46°F 31% 40°F
Atlanta, Georgia Light Rain Fog/Mist 47°F 97% 40°F
Bangor, Maine Overcast 35°F 61% 35°F
Birmingham, Alabama Overcast 55°F 93% 52°F
Bismarck, North Dakota Mostly Cloudy 38°F 79% 31°F
Boise, Idaho A Few Clouds 31°F 82% 31°F
Boston, Massachusetts Partly Cloudy 43°F 51% 37°F
Buffalo, New York Overcast 43°F 76% 39°F
Burlington, Vermont Overcast 41°F 82% 34°F
Casper, Wyoming Fair 25°F 75% 18°F
Charlotte, North Carolina Rain 44°F 76% 44°F
Chicago, Illinois Mostly Cloudy 49°F 80% 44°F
Cincinnati, Ohio Overcast 44°F 76% 44°F
Dallas, Texas Overcast 51°F 100% 48°F
Denver, Colorado Overcast and Breezy 38°F 51% 28°F
Detroit, Michigan Light Rain 48°F 83% 43°F
Helena, Montana Mostly Cloudy 33°F 70% 27°F
Houston, Texas Mostly Cloudy 62°F 93% 62°F
Indianapolis, Indiana Partly Cloudy 47°F 74% 43°F
Kansas City, Missouri Overcast 54°F 90% 53°F
Las Vegas, Nevada A Few Clouds and Breezy 59°F 28% 55°F
Little Rock, Arkansas Light Rain Fog/Mist 58°F 87% 55°F
Los Angeles, California A Few Clouds 60°F 78% 59°F
Lubbock, Texas Partly Cloudy 51°F 36% 46°F
Miami, Florida Partly Cloudy 77°F 85% 77°F
Minneapolis, Minnesota Overcast 50°F 89% 48°F
Nashville, Tennessee Overcast 55°F 59% 54°F
New Orleans, Louisiana Light Rain Fog/Mist 63°F 90% 62°F
New York City Mostly Cloudy 43°F 51% 38°F
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Overcast 55°F 90% 50°F
Omaha, Nebraska Overcast 52°F 97% 48°F
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Mostly Cloudy 41°F 51% 37°F
Phoenix, Arizona Fair 50°F 52% 48°F
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Overcast 48°F 52% 46°F
Rapid City, South Dakota Fair 34°F 59% 24°F
Richmond, Virginia Partly Cloudy 37°F 54% 32°F
Salt Lake City, Utah Mostly Cloudy and Windy 37°F 59% 25°F
San Francisco, California Fair 51°F 86% 51°F
Savannah, Georgia Heavy Rain Fog/Mist 61°F 90% 59°F
Seattle, Washington Light Rain 47°F 86% 40°F
Spokane, Washington A Few Clouds 31°F 92% 19°F
St. Louis, Missouri Overcast 53°F 72% 49°F
Tampa, Florida Overcast 72°F 87% 72°F
Washington, D.C. Mostly Cloudy 40°F 45% 36°F

Current conditions at Spencer

Temperature: 48°F
Winds: South at 6.9 MPH
Pressure: 29.44 in.
Humidity: 93%
Dewpoint: 46.0°F
Wind Chill: 45°F

Location: Spencer Municipal Airport, IA
Last updated: Nov 23 2014, 3:53 am CST

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3.811/22 03:394 mi NNW of Lamont, OK
3.011/21 20:532 mi NNW of Lamont, OK
2.511/21 19:194 mi ESE of Varnell, GA
2.511/21 15:114 mi SW of Deer Creek, OK
2.811/21 13:574 mi SW of Deer Creek, OK
2.511/21 13:137 mi SSE of Mulhall, OK
2.511/21 12:184 mi SW of Deer Creek, OK
2.411/21 11:189 mi WNW of Twin Groves, AR
3.311/21 07:036 mi SSE of Wakita, OK
2.511/20 22:392 mi SSE of Harper, KS
2.111/20 16:5816 mi ESE of Hector, AR
3.011/20 14:364 mi S of Harper, KS
2.511/20 10:244 mi S of Byron, OK
River stages
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Linn Grove
Little Sioux River
15.48 ft. N/A
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