Letter to the Editor

Special election

Friday, December 10, 2021

The special election on Dec. 14 here in District 1 will fill the vacant Senate seat resulting from Zach Whiting’s resignation. As citizens of this great country, we all have the right and responsibility to vote to assure our voice is heard.

Iowa voters in Senate District 1 have the opportunity to pick the candidate who represents us with the values we hold dear. As a result of our voting, will we see our choice for senator go to the Iowa Legislature and support our state’s stand against the threats to our freedoms because of federal overreach? Will our choice of candidate to represent Senate District 1 support fiscal conservatism that meets the current and future needs of our state while keeping tax-supported spending under control?

Our future depends on us, the voters, to elect the District 1 Iowa senator who can deliver what we want. Every vote counts, so take the time and make the effort to vote early or on Dec. 14. For more information about where and when to vote, please contact your local County Auditor’s office.

— Kim Wilson, Spencer