Letter to the Editor

Iowa farmland and climate change

Friday, November 5, 2021

Does the government have the right to take Iowa farmland by eminent domain for the reason of climate change? Is climate change now considered “public use” in the state of Iowa? Isn’t that a really, really wide brush to paint with when taking private property?

Bruce Rastetter of Summit Ag has started a company called Summit Carbon “Solutions” and is relying on the hope that no one will call him out on it. We are calling him out on it because he wants part of our farm. Urban residents may not understand the worry so imagine Rastetter wanting part of your house, part of your business, or maybe he wanted to take your car for his business venture. Would you let him if our government “gave” him the right? The government does not have this right.

We are told that we would receive a check for our land. What is that worth when the federal government is crashing our economy, in part by paying for climate change scams like Rastetter’s that will be funded through our taxes? We can’t plant a crop on a piece of paper, no matter how many zeros are printed on it.

Rastetter says that capturing the carbon of ethanol and dumping it into a big hole in North Dakota will make ethanol more palatable to California. What? How much more money will we have to spend to sell ethanol? How much more government involvement do we need to make a living?

I don’t believe in climate change, along with so many others that generally voted for Donald Trump. If there is any kind of climate change it is human-made and not in the way they are trying to tell us. HAARP is just one way that the powers that be try to manipulate our weather. Do a search on Bill Gate’s solar geoengineering, cloud seeding or just weather modification. Controlling the weather would garner money and power. Does anyone really believe that no one has thought of using it for nefarious reasons? If the government wants us to believe in climate change maybe they should first stop their efforts to change the weather.

When will people realize that we are living in madness and that Iowa’s government is either clueless or culpable?

— Janna Swanson, Ayrshire