Letter to the Editor

Moving the city campground

Monday, August 16, 2021

I just attended a Spencer Park Board meeting. I was told they are considering moving the campground across the street from my house.

"Don't worry. It is just in the planning stage," is what I was told. "It might not happen, but come to our meetings because it could. By the way, we have a map." They hope more campers will come if they move it.

They say it is now in a flood plain. Where they intend to move it is in a flood too.

I asked where the money would come from. They said grants would help. That means your tax dollars will make up the rest.

The campground has been there for years. They renovated it a couple of years ago. It was OK then.

They seem to be gambling a whole lot of money hoping to help the businesses in Spencer with the increase of our tax dollars.

I asked if a petition from the people would help. They said to get one, but don't count on it making a difference.

Marvin Meusburger, Spencer