Letter to the Editor


Friday, April 9, 2021

When people complain about foul language and vandalism in Leech Park in Spencer there is no mention of it on the KICD news on Facebook and when the police chief gives his report to the council there is no mention of it. WHY? However, it's all on KUOO news on Facebook. WHY? And the mayor says there are rules governing the use of the parks and he will look into it and maybe ban those who break the rules.

Now let's talk about another problem in Spencer. A problem that has been reported many times and even had a petition presented to the council about it, but ABSOLUTELY NOTHING GETS DONE AND IT NEVER GETS BROUGHT UP AT A COUNCIL MEETING! WHY? The problem is WEST FOURTH STREET! Motorcycles, cars and trucks with no mufflers run up and down the street creating loud noise. WHY? Trucks jake brake as they come from the west at speeds over the speed limit. WHY? The speed limits on West Fourth Street are a joke, nobody observes them, might as well be no limits. WHY? Even with all the pot holes on the street you'd think they would act as speed bumps, but they don't. WHY? Finally, the street is used as a truck route through Spencer. WHY? You never see a police car on Fourth enforcing any of these things, or maybe, unlike the parks, there are no rules for Fourth Street. Mr. Mayor why don't you "LOOK INTO IT" and "BAN THOSE" who disregard the rules on the street like you are going to "BAN" those who break the park rules?