Letter to the Editor

National Ag Week

Monday, March 8, 2021

It’s time to celebrate! National Ag Week (March 21-27) is a chance to intentionally recognize the impact of agriculture — particularly local agriculture — on our day-to-day lives. This year especially, we not only acknowledge those in production agriculture — raising livestock or row crops — but also the channels that connect the farm with the consumer. It all starts on the farm, but each step is essential to ensure that, even through a global pandemic, we have reliable fuel to move and the highest-quality food on the table. You may not personally spend much time on a farm, but it’s likely you know someone involved in agriculture. We shout-out to truck drivers on the road — transporting raw material to market, or packaged products to retail. The applicators working in the field — to keep the crop healthy. The electricians and mechanics — who keep facilities and machinery operating properly. Grocery store employees who stock shelves — so shoppers have choices as they purchase items for their families. These are only a few examples of many. We also take a moment to recognize the next generation of agriculturists. Ag educators make it possible for students to gain experience through local FFA chapters, and through studies at local community or technical schools to support our small communities. These programs build the future of our industry right here at home. Agriculture encompasses many things, but one thing is certain, big or small, we need each piece to move forward every day. Cheers!

— Emily Kummerfeld, Spencer