Letter to the Editor

Trump owes the country an apology

Thursday, January 7, 2021

“Oops. Sorry. My bad. I didn’t mean to put a narcissistic, inept, mentally deranged con man in the highest position of the land. While his disgusting, pathetic life was on public display for decades and I should have known better, I chose to believe him and his rightwing propaganda media buddies. What’s a lie or two or tens of thousands? In hindsight, maybe it wasn’t the best idea to let me and my minority of fellow enablers to select the president against the wishes of the majority especially since we tried to double down on that traitorous decision after four years of daily madness. I thought I was too smart to be conned. But there’s always a first and second time, I guess.”

— Sincerely(?), A trump supporter.

While the imaginary letter above is facetious, the intent is sincere. Anyone that ever, ever supported the man in the White House owes the country an apology. They owe the people that fought and died for this country an apology. A Revolutionary and Civil War were fought to self-determine how we, the people, would govern ourselves and we were warned that domestic rightwing terrorists were the greatest threat to our democracy. And except for a few principled elected officials that upheld their oath to the constitution all would be lost. And that is still a very real possibility. If those few and just officials are replaced with traitors, all will be lost. Just hours after the assault on our country, faithful enablers in position of authority are still strongly supporting the madman and his traitorous actions on the complacent right wing propaganda media channels. Proof that the shameless can’t be shamed.

I will always respect my friends, family, neighbors and loved ones that supported the madman. But respect for their judgement of character will get the same respect the madman has for the office of the presidency, zero! My wish is that, if they have a brain, heart, soul or even one of the three, they evaluate, identify and correct the defect that led to their role in treason.

Get vaccinated. Wear a mask.

— Diane Smith, Spencer