Letter to the Editor


Monday, November 25, 2019

Last Monday Diane Smith had a letter explaining the entire impeachment process cannot go unanswered! And Dave Kimbell's letter in Thursday's Reporter was a great response to the venom and vitriol of Diane Smith, who along with Robert Sneitzer, rank No. 1 and 2 as the true anti-Trumpers in northwest Iowa. His letter is much nicer than mine would have been!

I wanted to wait and respond after the Democrats witch hunt (hearings) had concluded for the week, and, if this past week was an indicator of their success, ended forever! Collusion and obstruction were blown out of the water after the Mueller report and bribery (quid pro quo) vaporized after a procession of witnesses, despite their lifetimes of dedicated service and hatred of our president, wilted when asked if they had proof of bribery. None could support with direct knowledge despite all the suppositions this was a "slam dunk!"

Started out with "whistle blower" who could single-handedly provide all they needed to advance impeachment to the Senate. Then we hear no whistle-blower! Here's an idea let's start small and build to a crescendo with each witness leading to the next and we'll finally get to Sondland the final nail in the coffin!

I remember watching cable news the night before Ambassador Sondland was to testify. Lt. Col Vindman, decorated military hero had set the stage for Ambassador Gordon Sondland who would give direct testimony President Trump held back money from the Ukraine in exchange for political dirt on Joe Biden. And they were orgasmic!

Sondland opened the testimony with a long-winded statement following complimentary questions from the Democrats and their lawyers and, after a lunch break, Republicans got to ask questions. Expectations, in the press corps, were at a fever-pitch even Ken Starr said the Senate Republicans needed to get ready for impeachment!

Shortly after lunch, and I don't remember who, a Republican asked Sondland if he had asked the president what he (president) wanted. Without hesitation, Sondland replied "I asked him what do you want, Mr. President" "Nothing! I want nothing. No quid pro quo. I want President Zelensky to keep his promises." Dead silence! Kerblooie! Fini!

Some said this was a "nothing burger!" But, in reality for the House Democrats and all afflicted with Trump derangement syndrome it is a plain old fashioned excrement sandwich!

Jerry Crew, Webb