Letter to the Editor

The impeachment process

Monday, November 18, 2019

After hearing and reading the misinformation the public believes on the impeachment process I hope this helps which is all easily researched online. As often demanded of them, Congress is doing their job and upholding their oath to defend the constitution. If you believe otherwise it says it all about your allegiance, intelligence, morals or all three.

1. A suspected threat to our democracy by an impeachable act is committed.

2. Itís reported. Anyone can report a suspected threat and remain anonymous though the GOP want to illegally out him/her only to put their lives/career in danger.

3. Itís reviewed and deemed credible/urgent by the intelligence communityís inspector general (whom traitor trump wants to fire) and referred to the DOJ for investigation.

4. AG Barr of the DOJ refused to investigate, forcing the act to be brought to the attention of congress.

5. Since Barr refused to investigate and an independent prosecutor like Ken Starr (different from a special prosecutor like Robert Mueller) canít be appointed as the independent prosecutor statue expired, that left the task to the House of Congress.

6. Using GOP rules, secure, private interviews were conducted with access and equal time for Republicans and Democrats, and it was determined there was enough evidence for a hearing. The career govít official witnesses, many appointed by Republican presidents and with military service (while traitor trump had bone spurs), are defamed and attacked by the GOP. The witness opening statements were made public and now, on the GOPís demand, the interview transcripts were made public.

7. Using House rules, a vote was held to define the rules for the public hearings.

8. The public hearings are in process to determine if there is enough evidence to bring impeachment charges.

9. When impeachment charges are brought, the Senate holds their hearings under the rule of chief justice of the Supreme Court to determine guilt.

10. If GOP senators, including Grassley who set a low, low bar for himself with Clinton, join in defending the constitution over party, find guilt, then tratior trump is removed from office and our democracy is saved.

11. Traitor trump, no longer protected by the horrible DOJ rule that sitting presidents canít be charged with any crime, will be charged with the 10 counts of obstruction of justice detailed in the Mueller report on Russian interference in our sacred elections and which many of trumpís cronies received jail time for doing.

ó Diane Smith, Spencer