Letter to the Editor

The evils of man’s false dogmas

Monday, November 11, 2019

What should we think when the October National Geographic tells us the last northern white male rhinoceros has died.

The dogma of grinding the rhino’s horn into dust, then boiling the dust in water for a cure of impotence, has caused the wholesale slaughter of the rhinos — based upon a lie.

The National Geographic opens your eyes — that we humans are the most dangerous species to ever walk the Earth.

Will our county supervisors read the Oregon State University study dated Sept. 22, stating that industrial wind farms have killed millions of bats over the last decades.

Killing the bats by collision and barotrauma — where sudden change in pressure causes their tiny lungs blood vessels to burst, drowning them in their own blood.

By increasing our industrial cell tower and industrial wind farm infestation, we allow the industrialist to steal all the bats and avian migratory paths they can get by with.

Many of our citizens will participate in this avian/bat destruction because they don't know, but others because of their cold indifference to the destruction of Dickinson County’s library of life.

We all lose when an animal, bird or bat species goes extinct and industrial wind farms increases the risk of many avian and bat species very existence.

— Bill Murphy, Okoboji