Letter to the Editor

Lower Drug Costs Now Act

Sunday, November 3, 2019

I have been reading about Speaker Nancy Pelosiís Lower Drug Costs Now Act, or H.R. 3, which will be voted on very soon by the House of Representatives. Itís no secret weíd all like to see lower prices, but there is always a tradeoff, especially anytime there are government mandates.

Restricting pricing the way Canada and Europe do may deliver some lower prices, but I fear it will also result in lower supplies and access as we have seen happen in those countries time and again.

I spent part of my nursing career working with cancer patients in the oncology dept. It was evident to me how critical research and resources devoted to developing new drugs and therapies helped save lives. Iím worried this plan could derail some of that important work being done today.

I hope our congressional leaders in D.C, like Senators Ernst and Grassley, will study and understand the risks associated with the Lower Drug Costs Now Act. Instead, lets focus on bipartisan solutions that address the real affordability challenges facing patients without hurting patients and families awaiting new medicines or the next break-through cures.

ó Kay Quirk, Alta