Letter to the Editor

Why not make a contribution?

Thursday, September 19, 2019

So I'm walking out of the Clay County Fair the other night, and a friend and I are talking about the Foreigner concert that didn't happen last Saturday. I understand that a cancelled grandstand show is a pretty rare event. Anyway, my friend says something about the financial loss The Fair, vendors, patrons all sustain when something like this occurs. The more we talk and go into the details, the more an idea emerges.

A couple of tickets for this concert was an approximate $80 expense. Add to that the parking fee, gate entry tickets, stuff bought at the fair, and you could easily top $200. A satisfied Foreigner fan would likely be OK with that. However, the refunds that are coming to the ticket holders are just for the face value of the tickets. Yes, it is better than a kick in the pants, that's true.

It occurred to us that when folks get their refunds, they might just decide that the money might be used to help out a local nonprofit. After all, it isn't rent money or money you would have spent on groceries or a car payment. It is a personal decision, a choice that all who get their refund will be facing. Why not make a contribution to, say, the Grand Avenue Community Outreach? They have to come up with thousands of dollars to refit the second floor with a sprinkler system. Then they will be able to offer overnight lodging to folks in need. Believe it or not, winter isn't that far off. It sure would be nice to get Spencer's Newest Mission up and going!

Bill Kersting, Spencer