Letter to the Editor

Megan Jones’ opinion

Monday, September 2, 2019

I saw Megan Jones’ opinion in the Aug. 26 Daily Reporter that Iowa is in need of more rural physicians. I’d add that I think we are also in need of more ambulances. Recently a person I know from our area had a life-threatening condition and needed to be transported to Sioux Falls, but weather didn’t permit it by helicopter. Though there were idle ambulances in the area, bureaucratic issues made it necessary for an ambulance to come all the way from Sioux City, one and a half hours away, to transport him two hours more to South Dakota. I thought, “Really? In 2019 are we still that far in the boonies?” It was embarrassing to relate this story to my relatives in Minnesota while vacationing. All of which leads me to believe that not only do we need more ambulances, we may also need a better system for using the ones we already have.

— Mark Wilms, Royal