Letter to the Editor

Mr. Oppedal's letter

Monday, September 2, 2019

I need to correct Mr. Oppedal's letter in the Aug. 28 edition of the SDR. I did not fly the "big bombers," but I was the navigator/bombardier on B-47s (first jet bomber), Bombardier on B-52s (still flying as an integral part of our aerial nuclear strategy) and the reconnaissance systems officer on the fastest (still today) airplane in the world. the SR-71.

Normally, being described as "a person of above average intelligence" would not be an accusation, but when he considered me a "litmus test" because I support President Donald Trump I'm not so sure. Does this mean anyone "dumber"or "smarter" than I are already Trump haters? And Alan is merely waiting until I finally "see the light?"

Here's a news flash Alan! You lost in 2016 because "rust belt" blue collar Democrats turned their thumbs down on Hillary! They did not want a continuation of Obama (44th best president) nor revisit the years of her husband Bill! And you think any of these 20-plus Democrats running will do better? How about Beto who literally ate dirt to cleanse himself after losing the Texas senatorial race? Or Mayor Pete who can't even control his city of South Bend, Indiana? Maybe the plagiarizer "plugs" gaffe a minute Joe who promises to (or not) continue the Obama presidency? Bernie? This avowed socialist should have won the Democrat nomination in 2016, but Hillary and the DNC pulled some fancy shenanigans with the "super" delegates denying Bernie "I feel the burn" Sanders his one shot! I know! "Pocahontas," a white woman who years ago claimed 1/32nd native American heritage to better her chances of professorship at Harvard and Pennsylvania Law Schools because "native Americans" were moved to the top of the list.

Unless a "Phoenix rising from the ashes" magically appears on the scene such as another FDR or JFK, I and others of "above average intelligence" will enthusiastically cast another vote for President Trump in 2020! And, I suspect, a large majority of those dumber and smarter than I will as well!

Jerry Crew, Webb