Letter to the Editor


Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Will the silliness never end? I've heard windmills called a lot of things, but melanoma that's a new one!

However, if you are truly concerned about some kind of bird holocaust, consider the following:

The passenger pigeon and ivory billed woodpecker were wiped out long before the first electricity generating windmill was erected. Today more birds are killed from running into tall buildings (eg. the Grand Avenue Community Outreach Building) than windmills; more from flying into the windows of houses; more from collisions with airplanes. One of the biggest killers of birds is that most diabolical killing machine ever invented by mankind, which kills more birds, reptiles, mammals, humans and anything else that walks or crawls on the face of the earth than any other technology (chill out NRA, I'm not talking about guns this time) automobiles.

However, the biggest bird-killer of them all is puss 'n boots. Cats, both domestic and feral, kill more birds than all other sources combined. So Dr. Kersting, if you're really looking for a cure to the bird melanoma, you might try putting some Warfarin in the cat dish.

H Schar, Spencer