Letter to the Editor

Sneitzer letter

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Robert Sneitzer "shades of 1930s Germany" in his letter published Monday in the Daily Reporter shows the same breadth of intelligence as Democrat front runner Joe Biden, who in his soapbox appearance at the Iowa State Fair, stated "we choose truth over facts!" His comparison of a duly-elected POTUS with evil dictator Adolph Hitler should be universally condemned, and, quite frankly, is an act of treason!

Why does Sneitzer and his ilk in the mainstream media and Democratic Party continue to make stupid, inane, false and bombastic charges against President Donald Trump? Because they can't deal with a Republican unwilling to take their crap, and they seem to forget he has "the bully pulpit!"

They are blinded by hatred and are absolutely convinced the Russians stole the election from Hillary Clinton! But, we must remember, Democrats never lose an election! It's always stolen!

It should be obvious their tactics aren't working, but, it seems, their answer is to "double down!" My advice? Keep digging!

Jerry Crew, Webb