Letter to the Editor

Delray editorial cartoon

Sunday, June 9, 2019

I would like to specifically direct this email to whomever decided to attack Delray Bredehoeft by publishing a ridiculous characterization of him standing in water holding leeks. I am personally offended that someone would portray such an upstanding member of our community in such a manner. This man works very hard for this community and goes above and beyond for the town of Spencer. Delray is kind and generous and would never treat anyone the way this paper is permitting him to be treated by some anonymous person. I feel this was extremely disrespectful and unnecessary. Why would our local newspaper allow someone to single out a dedicated city employee who has always done great things for our community? And by the way, will continue to do so despite this kind of treatment. Delray and his staff work very hard to keep our community pool up and running and also to keep our community looking great. I just spoke with someone who has recently chosen to relocate here from Des Moines, and all he could say was what a beautiful town Spencer is. This comment speaks volumes of Delray’s tenure and dedicated oversight of the city if Spencer’s Parks and Rec Department, as well as his hard work and commitment to our community, contrary to how he is being portrayed in the “opinion” section. To the person who felt this was funny and published this picture, shame on you and I hope that you find this email educational. You have not only offended members of this community, you have also offended family and friends of Delray. You have attacked his character as a whole. I am disappointed in the fact that you feel attacking someone’s character, who hasn’t done anything wrong, is relevant and funny. Here is a relevant newsflash for you. This was neither.

— Jessica Christensen