Letter to the Editor


Monday, May 27, 2019

Farmers across Iowa are grinding out field work while keeping a close eye on the weather, markets and Washington.

Mother Nature has the final say on when seeds get planted. Our livelihoods also hinge on factors that are largely out of our control, such as federal tax, regulatory and trade policies that come from Washington.

Iowans are so fortunate to have a farmer from Iowa with a seat at the table. Senator Grassley chairs the Senate committee responsible for steering trade agreements through Congress, like the new United States, Mexico & Canada Agreement on Trade.

When our senior senator made clear the USMCA was “dead” unless the U.S. lifted tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, the White House lifted those tariffs. Now, Canada and Mexico have lifted retaliatory tariffs on U.S. farm products.

That’s good news for Iowa farmers. Grassley knows our bottom line is export-dependent. Every third row in Iowa soybean fields is sold to overseas markets.

When Sen. Chuck Grassley comes to Clay County, at least once, every year, he looks us in the eye and listens. He keeps his finger on the pulse. And he’s got the president’s ear. Iowans can count on Grassley to work hard for us.

— George Moriarty, Spencer