Letter to the Editor

Packing heat

Monday, May 6, 2019

We've had this conversation months ago, but the news of the day would indicate we are still not convinced that several concealed carry permit holders in our K-12 schools just might stem the tide of shooters entering the buildings and having their way until law enforcement arrives.

If you are still with me following the preceding 48-word sentence, there are a few more points I'd like to pursue. Like it or not, there are over 17 million concealed carry permit holders in our country. Iowa likely has its fair share, and then some. It makes no sense to make schools "gun free zones, and thus unwittingly provide a shooter total access to defenseless children and adults. Those in the teaching ranks, support staff or maintenance folks could provide a valuable deterrent, by coming forward and volunteering to be willing to "pack heat, unbeknownst to any and all who have no need to know. Existing restrictive laws could be recrafted to allow for this to happen, with the supervision of the principal, superintendent of participating schools.

How about serving notice on the school's doors that "licensed and trained defenders are ready, should they be needed. Sure beats the red X superimposed on the revolver and proudly proclaiming "Gun Free Zone. The new message should be boldly proclaimed and dutifully enforced. Innocent students, staff and visitors deserve nothing less.

Bill Kersting, Spencer